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Resolve Collaboration understands the complexities and demands of managing and delivering collaboration services. Our mission is to serve advanced collaboration solutions to our clients with ease and simplicity.
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We leverage our experience and deep understanding of collaboration technology through listening, advising and designing solutions that fit your needs today and into the future.

When we deliver a solution, we’ll make sure you understand it – from management to support and beyond.

With 10+ years in the business, we’re passionate about what we do and your success matters to us.
Our forward thinking attitude and friendly approach makes us easy to work with.

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"By holding the conference via video and web, we increased our international participation in the developing world dramatically and at the same time avoided the use of 300,000 lbs of carbon that would have been required to fly people to Vancouver. I think all of the participants were proud of this achievement."

"We are an organization that provides videoconferencing services to schools and health centres in Atlantic Canada. Our network delivers more than 1GB of connectivity and has approximately 75 endpoints. We have been actively involved in videoconferencing since 2003. At first, of course, we did our due diligence and tested various vendors. Resolve Collaboration is, by far, the most knowledgable, accessible, and helpful."

"The nature of Committees is such that we are often booking videoconferences at the last minute and changes occur throughout the process. At all times, there is a short turn-around in response to our calls / emails and the efficiency of the confirmation system is most appreciated. Resolve has always been an excellent and valued service provider and we look forward to our continued business with them."

"Since we began our International Videoconferencing Rounds between Canada, Israel, Jordan and Palestine, Resolve has consistently delivered exceptional quality and service. Your ability to deliver true international communications regardless of time zone or location is unparalleled."



An Enterprise-grade, Cloud-hosted, Scalable Solution.
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A Highly Interactive and Engaging Web-based Platform
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Conference Calling for Any Sized Company or Industry.
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Webcasting Production and Live Streaming Services
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A full range of conferencing equipment and accessories
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Resolve Enterprise-ready, cloud-hosted video conferencing makes it easy to deliver powerful collaboration tools for your organization with flexible plans that allow you to choose the best solution to meet your specific needs.

self server Self-Serve Video

An enterprise-ready and highly secure solution for organizations that want to utilize the benefits of real-time video collaboration. Delivers an intuitive user experience for employees and guests to schedule and join meetings with ease with robust features, management tools and workflow integrations. Hosted on our industry leading, cloud-based platform makes it fully scalable and interoperable – removing any technical barriers between boardroom systems, computers and mobile devices.

concierge Concierge Video

A high-touch, fully-managed option that uses video conferencing technology alongside our highly knowledgeable technicians allowing for an ultra-professional virtual venue. We cover everything from technical to production assets like camera positioning and lighting - all you have to do is walk in and present! Ideal for special events, annoucements, presentations and more.


self server User Experience
Ultra-intuitive design allows users to easily find colleagues, place calls and share content.
self server Ecoystem Friendly
Interoperability and Integration delivers backward and forward compatibility.
self server Enterprise-Grade
A cloud-hosted solution offers security and reliablity. Leverages Polycom RealPresence.
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Offers immersive online meeting experiences for collaboration and webinars making your audience feel naturally involved with your content with robust, easy-to-use features and controls.

self serve Self-Serve

With a hosted webinar platform and a do-it-yourself approach, the choice is yours – meet or present immediately or schedule in advance. Includes a virtual whiteboard and real-time desktop sharing to optimize collaboration.

self serve Self-Serve Event

A hybrid option that uses your self-serve webinar subscription – adding a small fee per event and now you get a templated pages that you can customize to appeal to your audience. Your presenter workflow will be polished and highly interactive with a medley of features and controls.

concierge Concierge Event

A full service option that includes customized registration, presenter training and dedicated technical coordination. Create a live webinar or record and replay on-demand. You can focus on your message and audience because we do everything from scheduling, monitoring, support to reporting, all you have to do is walk in and present.


self server Interactive Video
Record on the spot, upload a pre-recorded video or use YouTube.
self server Desktop Sharing
Includes text chat, a multi-lingual interface and personlized options.
self server Affordable Pricing
Choose between month-to-month billing or yearly subscriptions.
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Whether you're a start up or a major global player you'll value Resolve's Audio Conferencing with a full range of reliable audio conferencing solutions and a choice of different tiers to fit your business needs.

concierge Reservationless Audio

Ideal for events where timing and real-time interactivity are key. Your webcast can be delivered across multiple browsers and technologies. We synchronize a presentation slide deck with accompanying video and audio so participants can see your event’s speaker(s) and the slides simultaneously enhancing the impact of your message.

concierge Concierge Audio

Offering professional set-up and support, our concierge conferencing managed by a stand-by operator provides a full suite of features such as personally greeting callers and moderated Q & A's.

concierge Event Audio

Ideal for large events with many participants, our event conferencing gives you the highest level of support and the most comprehensive suite of features including pre-test calls, call monitoring and dedicated support specialists.


piggy bank No Contracts
Competitive rates, Per second billing, no monthly minimum, pay as you go, cancel anytime.
self server Global Access
Communicate around the globe anytime with local, international and toll-free access.
self server 24/7 On-Demand
Reservationless options include flexible scheduling, in-call features, moderator controls and more...


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Resolve Collaboration produces and delivers high quality webcasts that will not only meet your needs but exceed your expectations – providing positive experiences for both you and your audience.

concierge Live Event Streaming

Ideal for events where timing and real-time interactivity are key. Your webcast can be delivered across multiple browsers and technologies. We synchronize a presentation slide deck with accompanying video and audio so participants can see your event’s speaker(s) and the slides simultaneously enhancing the impact of your message.

concierge Event Production

Our team will be on-hand and provide onsite technical coordination and testing. We know the value of proper audio, lighting, staging and framing. With our pre-event virtual presenter training, your presenter(s) get to know the producers and the ins and outs of the onsite production.


self server Interactive Features
Q & A, polling, surveys, PowerPoint® Integration and Twitter® feeds
self server On-Demand HD Video
Archive any events which have been previously webcast helping preserve and prolong their value, giving your desired audience on-going access.
self server Technical Expertise
We got it covered - from production to coordination, testing and on-premise or live support.
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The best way to ensure high-quality conferencing is with the right kind of equipment. We offer an extensive selection of microphones, speakers, cameras, and accessories. Whether it be replacing, upgrading or purchasing new equipment, our products are available throughout North America, Europe and around the world.

conciergeSpeedy order fulfillment, fast turn-around times, and human support are our priority because your time matters to us.

conciergeWe use this equipment on a daily basis and know the technology inside and out – sharing this knowledge with you through training and on-going support.

conciergeWe don't oversell. Our assurance is an efficient and cost-effective collaboration solution – representing your needs, not ours.

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Resolve’s Program for Canadian Federal Government and its agencies.

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Collaboration Solutions for Research, Education and Innovation.

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Customized design and installation for huddle rooms and boardrooms.

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Professional video conference boardroom rentals across Canada.

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Currently in development and testing stages.
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Canadian Federal Government

Resolve Collaboration Services Corp. is the chosen vendor for Polycom Audio and Video Conference solutions to the Government of Canada under the new standing offer. Resolve is able to offer rapid next day fulfillment to the Canadian Government and its agencies.

Video Conferencing Standing Offer: E60HN-11VCSO/013/HN

Resolve’s Federal First Program makes it easier to purchase Polycom audio and video solutions. This program offers the following benefits and services to the Canadian Government:

conciergePriority Fulfillment - All VCSO orders are given special priority status by Resolve ensuring that your order is fulfilled ahead of all other non-government clients.

concierge Next Day Delivery -All VCSO orders received before 3:00 PM Eastern Time will be scheduled for next day delivery to all major cities in Canada at no cost.

concierge National Spare Part Repository - We maintain an inventory of small replacement parts such as remote controls, cables and microphones available for same day delivery by local courier.

concierge Demonstration Equipment - Resolve has an extensive pool of Polycom audio and video demonstration systems available for client testing and evaluation.

Resolve also provides video conference equipment certified for use on most provincial health networks such as the Ontario TeleMedicine Network (OTN). We offer hosted services to all levels of government.

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Room Solutions

Design and implementation solutions ranging from personal systems, huddle rooms, boardrooms and infrastructure.


Fully participate in meetings at your workstation, home office, hotel —or wherever you happen to be with mobile/personal collaboration.

Huddle Rooms and Boardrooms

Give your teams the space and tools they need to collaborate more effectively with rooms equipped with HD video and content sharing.

Collaboration Infrastructure

Empower your business with collaboration infrastructure that fits your company’s size, IT requirements and budget.
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Video Conference Room Rentals

In addition to our very own video conference rooms here in Canada, we are partnered with various international sites, networks and facilities which give you access to professional public video conference facilities and collaboration around the world.

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